Welcome to the IDEAL Virtual Academy

The IDEAL Virtual Academy is a portal based, distance learning education and training program administered by the IDEAL which uses cutting edge technology based delivery systems to provide capacity building information, education and training access and opportunities to individuals, small business enterprises and major corporations.

IDEAL supports the continuous education and training needs of professionals in today’s fast-paced world. Since hectic schedules make it difficult to take time away from their office extensively to expand their knowledge, distance learning provides an excellent complement to classroom training...


The Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education offers a broad range of programs to assist Temple faculty, administrators and staff in embracing the university’s commitment to multiculturalism. The CSJME assists faculty, administrators and staff develop the skills to create and implement ...

OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngOrientation and Course Navigation Directions
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngContent Research
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngCurriculum Development
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngCourse Conversion into Distance Learning Modules
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngInstructors Training For On-Line Instructors
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngContinuing Education Credits (CEUs)
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngSelf Assessment And Survey Opportunities
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngBranding And Co-Licensing Opportunities
OMCA_IDEAL_Bullet2.pngStrategic Alliance Opportunities
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